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At Detroit Fire Company, we understand that your facility is different from others. Whether you’re dealing with a specialized fire hazard, or you’re running a wellness facility that could use a nurse call system, no two facilities are exactly the same. That’s why we custom design fire protection, life safety, and security systems to meet your facility’s specific needs. From clean agent fire suppression to full-campus security systems, we’re here to design a system that addresses your safety and security requirements.

No matter the size of the space or the industry of your business, we are here to help engineer the best system possible. We have provided design services to spaces ranging from small office spaces to industrial manufacturing plants. Our staff is fully equipped to engineer your fire alarm system completely in-house – no outsourcing required. We will work with you on your design needs from start to finish to make sure that your space is completely up to local building fire code.


The team at Detroit Fire Company is here for you 24/7, whether you have an emergency maintenance request or you're just looking for a quote. With a team of specialized technicians ready to respond to emergency service requests, schedule inspections, and draw up quotes, we're ready whenever you are. Let us know how we can help.

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